Kim Hyun Joong kena flu H1N1

katanya sih begitu. gue baca beritanya disini :

Yes, the infamous swine flu finally caught up to a worn-out Kim Hyun Joong on his “Boys Over Flowers” promotional trip to Japan.

The virus first throttled him when he was in Yokohama on the 5th and was immediately admitted to a hospital. After showing signs of a fever, followed by headache, his remaining activities which should have taken place on the 6th were canceled and he was to leave for Korea on the 7th. Unfortunately, the singer-actor’s symptoms were misdiagnosed and he recorded a high fever which had him re-admitted to another hospital.

As of now, Kim Hyun Joong has recovered slightly and DSP has sent more minders to watch over their darling SS501 leader. Japanese doctors are ordering him to stay put and promise a discharge as soon as his condition stabilizes. This untimely incident has also caused his immediate schedules to be canceled at the last minute as it will be days before he can leave the country.

If this was any other strain of flu I think everyone would be going bonkers by now. With bedrest, vits and lots of water he should be fine. Get well soon, sunbae-nim!

ah ngeselin deh. padahal tadi siang baru aja gue ngomong ke ayah kalo gue pengen tinggal di Jepang karena manga nya yang amat sangat beragam. trus pas Magrib nya gue minta ke ayah buat tinggal di South Korea. ah ngeselin banget sih lo, BABI ! pantesan aja kalo lo jalan sambil nunduk, lo malu kan, kalo ibu lo BABI ? heh

ya Allah maafin semua kata kasar, sumpah serapah and the stuff di post saya kali ini. karena saya sangat kesal, sebel, semua dijus, trus diminum. eeeeeek pasti gaenak. iyalah, rasa BABI.

oke. selesai. The End. Fin. satu lagi, get well soon yaa. gue yakin lo gabakal mati sekarang. tapi siapa yang tau?